Examining a Border Order

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional paperhanger Jim Tiner demonstrates how to hang wallpaper borders and examine a border order.

    Jim Tiner: Hi I am Jim Tiner, a professional paper hanger, and today we are talking about hanging wallpaper borders. We have already estimated our border, and now we are looking to check our border. Checking border is a little different than checking your old wallpaper.

    You go through the same things as to all the numbers. You open up and take a look at the first six to eight feet or maybe even the whole roll. But additionally what you want to look for is that the borders are -- do the same when you stand on end, that one edge doesnt have more edge than the other.

    Every thing has to be the same, we dont want to get to the middle of the job, and find out that things are different, and we have to adjust. You should adjust before you start hanging so its imperative that you check your border and check the edges and examine the roll before you start.

    To make sure that there isnt a little more or a little less, so when you stand them on end everything should look the same. It should not look offset like this. It should be the same because you want to keep everything in line and everything in order. Next we are going to be showing you how to turn your wallpaper into border.