Exercise – How to Improve Posture

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. Neil King, founder of King Chiropractic, demonstrates how to improve posture.

    Dr. Neil King: Hi, I am Dr. Neil King, founder of King Chiropractic with the offices is in Gaithersburg, Potomac and Urbana Maryland. For over 23 years, I have been working with athletes and people just like you are rehabilitating their injuries and increasing their performance. As a matter of fact, I have also worked with thousands of people on improving their performance through better posture and that s what we are talking about today. How to do dynamic exercises to improve your posture.

    So, what about posture? Why is that so, important? Well I am going to tell by the end of this little video series, you are going to stand better, you are going to look better and you are going to feel better. There have been some terrific studies done that show what do find people desirable on another people. Well, one of the things they find desirable in them, from an aesthetic standpoint is symmetry. Symmetry to the front, leveled shoulders, leveled hips, symmetry from the side, not from something like this with rounded posture forward head, forward things like that. People who stand and move like this, first of all don t look as good and they also don t feel as good.

    The exercises we are going to give you today are going to be designed to allow you to breathe better. You are going able to take deeper and more full breaths. Your shoulders are going to appear more powerful and strong, your abdominals are going to feel better and as a matter of fact your intestinal system will work better, you will feel better over all, you will have less headaches, you will fell less fatigue as well.

    Here is one of the things we battle all the times. In society today and this is true probably with a lot of you, your fired too much sitting forward like this at the computer terminal, driving and then even when you go to a gym, you try to do things to counter act that, sometimes you get injuries. What we are going to give you today is going to designed to decrease those injuries and increase your flexibility. So, remember what we are talking about is improving your performance, improving how you look and how you feel. What do we need for that. Well, I am going to use just a couple of simples balls that are available. I will probably use just one of these balls that are picked up easily. Some very, very light weight because you don t need heavy weight work in order to get good posture and then we will use a small mat, what the mat will be designed to do, we will be doing some balanced exercises and some things on the floor.

    What about safety? Well, first of all if you have any problems with your back, with your neck, shoulders and things like that, you are going to want to probably see a doctor before you start this. Now, that might seem silly, but I am telling, you if you are taken a shoulder or something that has been in a bad position for a long time, we are going to give some simple exercises. We don t want that to hurt more. We want you to get off on the right foot. The other thing is when we are doing these balanced exercises and things, make sure that you are in place where you can t fall down, fall into anything or anything like that. So, that will be a pretty straight forward. I want to be able to do it at home you can go to a gym, we are in a great gym here Philbin s in Gaithersburg Maryland. It s got lots of wonderful equipments that helps you, but what we are going to be talking about today is going to be designed for you to do at home and you could it do it every day and that s a key to posture. Thank you!