Exercise – Legs Routine

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert Michelle Beaumont demonstrates how to target area exercises, including legs.

    Michelle Beaumont

    For more than fifteen years Michelle has been making her mark on the health, beauty and fitness industry. Michelle’s success has brought her recognition as a national level fitness authority. Her elite physique has earned her many top level standings in national beauty, figure and fitness competitions. Her innovative workout programs have been implemented into some of the nation’s leading health and fitness organizations. Her articles have been published by many leading industry magazines. She is an industry speaker on topics including weight management, wellness and group fitness and she specializes in helping large health clubs find and grow new revenue streams.

    Michelle: Hi, I am Michelle with michellefitness.

    com and Body Mind Fitness Solutions. I am going to demonstrate how to do a basic leg routine any place, anywhere, anytime. This routine requires little or no weight at all. If your body is a pear shape which means you carry more weight in your lower body, please go with the light weights or no weight at all and tend, try to do higher reps. If you happen to be an apple shape or you carry more fat in the abdominals and your skinny legs and you want to add a little muscle to those legs, then it is better to do lower repetition and higher weight. Lets begin.

    We are going to start with what is called a basic key squat. Knees are together, feet are flat, you are going to bear a little more weight in your heels as you sit down. If you are using weights make sure they are slightly tilting forward, keep pressing these knees together. This squat can be done for 8-20 reps depending on your body type as that I just told you and then from here you can go into a little lighter stand squat, squatting and lowering or you keep your weights up to your shoulders. There is really no right or wrong, just feel your way through it and make sure you are putting pressure on the heels.

    Again, you will do this for 8-20 repetition. From here you can go in to what is called a dead lift. Feet are together, legs are straight, weights are in front of you. You want to keep your head up very important tip. Roll the shoulders back and pull up from the hamstring, tucking your hips under right here. Make sure you are pushing in your buttocks forward and keeping those legs very straight. If that bothers you, you can bend a little. This is also an option and repeat for 8-20 reps.

    Next, we are going into a lunge theory. There are lots of options for lunges. You can use no weight or heavy weight depending on your body type or if you have any knee injuries or back issues, I do not suggest any weight at all unless it feels okay to you when you are shortening your movements.

    The first lunge is the reverse lunge. You step back your weight in the heel, make sure the knee and ankle are in alignment. This is what it looks like from the side. So, knee and ankle in alignment and you are just dropping the back knee down. It's like I am going straight down a wall, okay?

    So, you will just keep alternating this simple movement or you can bring your arms up with weights or no weights to create a little more of a balancing movement. After that you can move into what is called a forward lunge, stepping forward. Again, this is what it looks like from the side. Align the knee and ankle up; keep the chest up nice and proud, shoulders in line with the hips, good.

    Finally, you are going to go into whats called a cross lunge. You will take it to an angle. It is also known as a flexi lunge. Remember to breathe deeply throughout all the exercises and hold. The final lunge I will show you is called a five star lunge. So, you step forward, in, over to an angle, all the way to this side, straighten that leg over to the angle and straight back and just repeat on that leg several times. Again, knee and ankle alignment is always in place, very important to protect those knees and that lower back and then make sure you do the same thing on the other side, the left side and breath and back.

    Finally, we are going to end with a plea squat series. You will open up nice and wide. I dont suggest weight through this, so go ahead and place them down, hands on your hips and just squatting in to it. Knee and ankles in alignment, press back on your pinky toes. Make sure you feel that lift in your abs for several counts and then you can create a little squat slide, it becomes more of a cardio movement or a nice short squat here or go into a Demi plea which really hits those quads, your inner and outer adductors insides and outsides of the thighs. That should do it, that completes my leg routine.