Exercise Plan – Quadricep Workout Through Squat Jumps

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert Margie Weiss demonstrates squat jumps to work out your quadriceps.

    Margie Weiss

    Margie Weiss has been in the fitness industry all of her life, having been a national gymnast as a child, and mother/trainer to three international athletes. Owner-coach of MG Gymnastics, her team produced international stars for 15 years. Former owner of 2 Gold's Gym franchises, Margie is also a certified personal trainer, specializing in youth sports conditioning. She has trained international athletes, including her children. Her son, Michael, is a 2-time US Olympic figure skater and 3-time US National Champion. Currently, she is GGX (Group exercise director & instructor) for 3 Gold's Gyms, where one of her programs boasts 500 classes per month; she supervises 175 instructors. Having published many articles in the fitness field, she enjoys seeing progress in each of her participants. But the things that makes her most proud of the lives she has affected are her 5 grandchildren, all of whom live very close. Seeing their smiles makes every day worth smiling about!

    Margie Weiss: My name is Margie Weiss and this is a quad video. This particular section of quads which is called squad jumps is not for everyone. You have to decide that whether you have the body to do this. Athletes, yes, young kids that have good knees, yes. If you got any knee issues this may not be the exercise for you, but it is by far the fastest, easiest way to get quad strength and also because it s a plyometric which means it s ballistic, its also going to give you the quick strength that you need for functional strength if you play soccer, if you play basketball, if you want to be able to jump. So, what this is? I am going to you the safety issues and then you have to decide whether this exercise is for you. What Janice is going to do is she is going to squat down with her fingertips on the floor. Her heels are off the ground. Her hips are low but not so low that her rear end hits on her heels. So rather than sitting your hips down, she is going to lift up just about a half-an-inch, not much. That s your base position. Now, she is going to pretend like there is basketball net right up above and she is going go jump up and try to dunk the basket. Go right back down, jump up again. The idea of this is ballistic exercise, therefore it isn t for everyone but it s an awesome exercise. I will tell you and should be able to tell you in a few seconds that after you do 20 of these, you want to stop. Pretend like she has done 20, she is going to stand up and rest for a second and then you would shake out. 20 is about all you can do, because at that point, this is an anaerobic exercise which means that you are not using oxygen. Your body is going to die really fast. You will find that the explosiveness of your body diminishes between number 15 and number 20. What I generally do with my athletes is we do a set of 20, we shake out a little bit then we do another set of 20. And that second set of 20 is tough. You are going to feel it the next day. So what we want to do after we do plyometric jumps or after we do any kind of quad exercise is we are going to want to stretch down and we are going to show that in the next section.