Exercise Plan – Tricep Workouts Using Weights

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Personal Trainer Margie Weiss demonstrates tricep workouts using weights.

    Margie Weiss

    Margie Weiss has been in the fitness industry all of her life, having been a national gymnast as a child, and mother/trainer to three international athletes. Owner-coach of MG Gymnastics, her team produced international stars for 15 years. Former owner of 2 Gold's Gym franchises, Margie is also a certified personal trainer, specializing in youth sports conditioning. She has trained international athletes, including her children. Her son, Michael, is a 2-time US Olympic figure skater and 3-time US National Champion. Currently, she is GGX (Group exercise director & instructor) for 3 Gold's Gyms, where one of her programs boasts 500 classes per month; she supervises 175 instructors. Having published many articles in the fitness field, she enjoys seeing progress in each of her participants. But the things that makes her most proud of the lives she has affected are her 5 grandchildren, all of whom live very close. Seeing their smiles makes every day worth smiling about!

    Margie Weiss: My name is Margie Weiss and this is a tricep video. Continuing on triceps we have done the basic tricep, we are going to do a little bit of variety here. We are just going to bend our elbows and extend, but first, I am going to set you up so that you know the right position. Number one, she is going to have her hand shoulder width apart, not wide like you do on a bench press but shoulder width apart. If you are tougher, bring your hands in closer because that makes it little bit harder. Next take your thumb which normally in opposition when you are grabbing a weight, we are going to take it a put it on the same side as your fingers. It s called a false grip and what that s going to allow you to do when you bend your elbows is engage the inner triceps. If you had your thumb over, your elbow doesn t move in as well, but if you have your thumb here I can squeeze in much tighter and engage that inner tricep muscle. The reason that especially women want to do this exercise, if you ever heard of UADD it s called the Underarm Dingle Dangle. You know it. That exercise by squeezing inwards really helps the underarm dingle dangle. So, what we are going to do is as we bend our elbows we are going to pretend like we have a balloon between our elbows. We have got to hold that balloon and we are gently squeezing inwards as we lower our arms. Now, as the spotter I can stand here and make sure that her elbow stays still, because her elbow is not going to move at all. So, she is just going to bend her elbows to about 90 degrees, and she is going to lead with the knuckles on the way up as she comes to the top.

    So, knuckles to the ceiling is like power to the people you want no joint at your wrist, because you want all that work transferred up into the triceps. If you get your wrist back like this, you are putting a lot of pressure on your wrist and you are not doing as much in the area that we want. So, as she bends and catches it at 90 degrees, she keeps the wrist really still and then comes up. In terms of breathing, you are going to breath out here and then as you extend, you are going to breath out here, in here, out here and in here, remembering that elbows together as close as you can get them. You are not going to get all the way together but try to press them inwards, it s going to add that other tricep muscle, the minor tricep. So, basically that s going just to 90 degrees, so that you don t hyper extend the elbows and when you get to the top, very slow and very smooth, about 20 repetitions maybe. If you have got a heavier weight maybe 10. The one thing you want to be careful is, don t get so much weight that you smack yourself in the forehead because you don t want the bar imprint on your forehead, not a good look when you are going out to dinner.