Exercise Plan – Warming Up

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert Margie Weiss demonstrates how to warm up for targeting exercises.

    Margie Weiss

    Margie Weiss has been in the fitness industry all of her life, having been a national gymnast as a child, and mother/trainer to three international athletes. Owner-coach of MG Gymnastics, her team produced international stars for 15 years. Former owner of 2 Gold's Gym franchises, Margie is also a certified personal trainer, specializing in youth sports conditioning. She has trained international athletes, including her children. Her son, Michael, is a 2-time US Olympic figure skater and 3-time US National Champion. Currently, she is GGX (Group exercise director & instructor) for 3 Gold's Gyms, where one of her programs boasts 500 classes per month; she supervises 175 instructors. Having published many articles in the fitness field, she enjoys seeing progress in each of her participants. But the things that makes her most proud of the lives she has affected are her 5 grandchildren, all of whom live very close. Seeing their smiles makes every day worth smiling about!

    Hi. My name is Margie Weiss and this is the Womens Fix-it Zone Workout. When starting a workout what we always want to do is warm up. So, for this particular workout, we are going to warm up the area from the waist to the knees. You can do this to music or you can just do it on your own pace, but we are going to first start is the basic squat because that is the basic motion of the muscles in the abs, lower glutes, hips and thigh muscles. So, you can put your hands on the front if you want, we are just going to sit back. Notice when we sit back and come back up, at our own pace, just down and up, you are going to keep your knees behind your toes. You are sitting back as if you are sitting on a chair, you dont quite want to touch it, so you are going down, coming back up, belly is engaged, sitting on the heels, as you come back up you knees are soft which means you dont lock them out. You can probably sit at the bottom by staying low and just doing some little ones, controlling it. All we are doing is getting the muscles warmed up and the body moving. Then what we are going to do is a lunge position. So, I am going to turn, dont be afraid to put your foot far back. Get your heel off the ground, tuck your hips under, tea cup is on your head, sink it in and bring a back up. As you sink, bending the back leg, front knee remains behind your toe, you going up and down, as if youre going on an elevator. Catching it at about 90 degrees and not below, you dont want your knee to bang on the floor. We got to do it to the other side, so we are just going to lift and twist, switching legs. We are going to do the same thing on the other side, sitting the weight of your body in between your two feet. Lot of weight on your back toe, weight on your front heel, but not much on your front toe.

    Coming back to center, we are going to get the inner thigh just a little bit, so we are going to straddle the legs. We are going to bend one leg; you're table top, so your back is nice and flat and you just going to kind of switch to one side and hold, switch to the other side and hold, and when we get to this side, take your toe of the straight leg and just lift it up, and lets do the same thing to the other side, lift it on up here. When you come to the middle, your back is arched, then youre going to round your back a little bit, so can get the lower back or arch it again just a little bit, round your back, bring it on up. Now, we are going to roll the ankles around just a little, bit one foot at a time because on the lunges and the squat when we move the ankle joint is going to get a workout as well. Shaking things out just a little bit, we are ready to begin the workout.