Extraordinary Popsicles in Florida

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travel Reporter and Foodie Rachelle Lucas discovers the gourmet popsicle in St. Augustine, Fl.

    Rachelle Lucas: I love that there is this whole culture of artisan foods and that they taken something as simple as an ice pop and turned into something gourmet. Wherever I can get fresh ingredients and I know that what I am eating is also good for me, even if it might be a treat, like an ice pop, that just makes my day. I love it!

    Stephen Dimare: We like to be wild with ingredients. We like to make popsicles out of pretty much everything. It's just really fun and very fresh, and we found that most fresh fruit can be captured in its freshness if it's frozen just the one time. Meredith Davis: Some of them are almost like ice cream on a stick, and those are some of my favorite, because they are more of a desserty type of popsicle. And then you have the fruiter, kind of icier flavors that are perfect for a hot date. Rachelle Lucas: That's like eating a sweet salad that's frozen on a stick. It's kind of cool! It's very cool! I think it's great that you can go from a really high-end restaurant to something as simple as a gourmet ice pop. I am going take a box home. I am going to fill my freezer with them. I am very excited.