Extreme Circumstances when Baby Sleep Training

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Baby Expert Suzy Giordano discusses extreme circumstances when baby sleep training.

    Suzy Giordano: Hi, I am Suzy Giordano Baxter, also known as The Baby Coach. I am here to guide you and to teaching your baby how to sleep through the night. There are some special circumstances where sleep training should be delayed. Make sure you addressed with your pediatrician any physical circumstances that your baby might have. Sleeping is a primary need for every human being therefore with benefit from it, is during sleep that the body restores and grows. In the early days of the baby's life, some parents find themselves under circumstances where they do develop some bad habits, like holding the baby constantly, nursing the baby frequently and sometimes they choose methods that eventually will not work for their families. For example you choose to sleep with your baby, for a couple of months and eventually you find out, that wasn't the right option for your family.

    If you find yourself under any of those circumstances, you might have to deal with the little bit more crying than usual. Taking that into consideration, know that it takes three days to develop a good habit in the baby. I like to call it, black, gray and white. The first night when you are breaking the bad habit is the worst, so prepare yourself for the worst, hope for the best or you will follow somewhere in the middle, make sure you are counting on going back and forth as much or as long as the baby needs until the baby fall asleep on his or her own. The second night should take half of the time and the third night half of the time that it took you on the second night. By the third night you will be empowered by the positive results that you had from the first night. So make sure you stick with it. It takes seven nights to break a bad habit, that means if your baby is been held for the last seven months to sleep, chances are he is going to give you a harder time than a baby that has learnt since he was new born how to sleep on his own, So stick with it, make goals, make a plan of action that you can reinforce again and again until your baby learns this valuable lesson. If you have chosen to close sleep with your baby, I strongly advice you to reconsider that choice, it's unsafe for a baby to sleep with the adults, the crib is the best place for a baby to sleep long periods of time. Have your baby's safety as your number one priority. I hope this videos and suggestions help you find a great path for great sleep for your baby and your family.