Extreme Off Road Biking on an Old Spanish Plantation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    A surprising find at an old slave Plantation,—an extreme off road bicycling course with boulders, rolling hills and a big pit area to exercise your thirst for mountain biking.

    Janice Jones: You could all it mountain biking, but here in the Sunshine State we call it off-road cycling. Florida is fabulously scenic and flat. State Road A1A is home to surprising gem and not so flat Mala Compra bike trail.

    Anthony Libretti: We came in and saw an area like this with all these different boulders and as you go farther into the trail there is a whole section of rollers and a big pit area, we were amazed.

    Michelle Libretti: It truly is a hidden treasure here. It's got some technical features to it, but overall it's a great trail for all levels of riders.

    Janice Jones: Counted for its old Florida scenery and technical offerings, the trail is hidden amongst the dense vegetation of Flagler County's barrier island and just a minute spin from the beach.

    Anthony Libretti: There is something really special about the view of the trails. It's very through forwarded with the palms and all the different foliage.

    Janice Jones: This site offers a little over five miles of trails to discover.

    Anthony Libretti: And the outside of the trail is about a mile and half. It's just a crushed stone trail and you could ride pretty much anything from a beach cruiser, walker-stroller or just go for a nice jog. You could do about a three and a half to four mile of all-boot trail and it will also come back to the beginning. And the red trails have rolling hills, wood ladders, there's also quite a unique downhill that's a whole boulder downhill into a big bold turn.

    Male Speaker: It's very technical, tight windy, routey.

    Janice Jones: The trail also comes with history and plenty of surrounding attraction. The name comes from the Mala Compra Plantation. This was an 1800 Spanish plantation that was burned in the Second Seminole War. You can actually see the archeological site just across A1A at Bing's Landing.

    Bing's Landing offers parking, restroom, a boat lounge, fishing, and canoe and kayak rentals. It also serves up a not to be missed whole pork sandwich from Captain Barbeque, a favorite spot for hardworking cyclist. Just like on the trail there are more culinary paths to choose near by. Treat yourself at Hammock Wine & Cheese which specializes in quality cheeses and boutique vintner from around the world.

    Here you can top off your day trip with great live music most weekends. The Mala Compra bike trail and surrounding attractions are in North East Florida in the Hammock area of Palm Coast. So load up your bike and head out for a day of cruising. Sharing the best of A1A I'm Janice Jones.