Face Paint – Alien Brushwork Details

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Face painter Michelle Johnson demonstrates how to use black and white paints to create alien details.

    Hi, Michelle Johnson the face-paint lady here. Now, we are going to use black and white paints to create our alien detail. I would like to begin with black. Take your pigment take your paint, your synthetic bristled brush, dab the brush into the water. Go back to your paint and as you are pulling because you want to pull your brush through the paint. You might even be able to see that I am slowly twisting and turning my brush throughout the entire process of loading the paint.

    So, we have finished our foundation. We have a lovely set of oversized alien eyes and now we are going to create some special markings for our aliens. Let us outline the lips on the bottom. Each alien is different but they do have certain circuits and patterns of intelligence. I like to take my brush and as I am pulling it across the face, I am twisting and turning the same motion that I used to get the paint onto the brush because lines are more interesting when they have variations in width.

    So, always take a step back, look at your work and create an alien that has sections. Pardon me, you do not mind, do you? So, we continue and this is a symmetrical design. Both sides of the face are even in their design and coloring and patterning and I spoke in an earlier video about the beauty of white and black as detailing colors.

    So, I have totally cleared the brush that I was using. I am using the same brush, it is clear of the black, dip in the water; twist and pull to get the pigment, the paint onto your brush and you are going to use the white because this is a relatively dark design. You know what I really like? It is kind of like calligraphic tattoos. So, let us take this white to create some kind of circuit patterning for our alien.

    Wonderful inspirations for designs and dots and circles and strokes come from calligraphy and tribal patterning, patterns in nature. Now, you noticed with my black that I made it a point to be symmetrical. I am going to whimsical with this white and although there may be aspects of symmetry, I am going to have fun and not commit myself to having to create the same image and design over and over.

    Outline the eyes; give the eyes and you know what, when you are thinking aliens and that is what makes you a good painter. An attentive painter is when you start to think about what you are painting. Think of little stars, think of little starlight and may be do an up, down, cross, kind of flower pattern that gives the feel of a twinkling star at night.

    We are not going to do much to her neck, maybe just go on the black for fun and at this point, we have a calligraphic alien face paint and we will come back with jewels, feathers, flowers and glitter to finish it all up. Thanks.