Face Paint – Creating the Alien Eyes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Face painter Michelle Johnson demonstrates how to paint giant eyes for a galactic alien.

    Michelle Johnson: Hi, Michelle Johnson, the face-paint lady here and we will continue our alien face-paint design by adding in our large universal eyes. Once again, you are taking your hydro sponge, your cut sponge and you are taking your applicator, dabbing it into the water and then you are ready to collect the paint that you would like to use for the eye color. You do not have to use any particular color but generally, a nice, big alien eye is black.

    You take your moistened sponge and you collect and dab and work the paint into your applicator which in this case is the hydro sponge. Alien eyes are generally very large but of course, since they are alien, you can make them what you want to. So, let us take our sponge with paint in it. We will go easy on the eyes and you should remember to do this.

    Very gently, we are going to pounce and place the paint and extending beyond the model s eyebrows. Now, what we need to do with the eye is we need to look and see the pattern on that we created and then we want to do the same thing again on their other eye, once again, easy on the eyes, pouncing and gently placing the paint above the eyebrow. Now, since I have this black, ooh! That looks great.

    Let us fill in. Do take time when you are painting to take a look and make sure that you have covered all the areas that you would like to. I still have paint on my sponge and this is a wonderful opportunity to add a border, a detail, a finishing touch, this would be great with a turtle neck or a black vest or a black tape. You can see how these small attentions to detail really bring your faces together.

    What I would like to do now is add a little shimmer to the eyes. So, I will take my sponge again. I have rotated the sponge. The sponges have different size like I have mentioned. You need to rotate the sponge, so you have a clean surface of the sponge. Let us go back into nice shimmery silver and let us take that silver on our clean sponge edge and let us gently pounce. I think that alien eyes often resemble insect eyes and you can even give a little tap on the lips. So, at this point we are going to leave our alien and come back with brushwork detail. See you soon.