Face Paint – Creating the Alien Foundation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Face painter Michelle Johnson demonstrates how to create the foundation for our green-blue alien face-paint.

    Hi, Michelle Johnson the Face Paint lady here. Thanks for joining me as we create the foundation for our green-blue alien face-paint. We are going to take the sponge, the hydra sponge that we discussed. It is cut into quarters. You are going to dip your sponge into water, moisten but not sopping wet. You take your sponge and go to your foundation color of choice. Now, you are ready to use your hydra sponge to begin creating the alien foundation.

    You can ask your alien to close their eyes and the sponge very beautifully applies a shimmery glaze. You will notice that sometimes, when you add paint it will seem thin and other times when you add paint to a face it might seem thicker and all of that is a result of the combination of paint and water that you created on your initial sponge. With this sponge, it is delivering this kind of color. Let us say I want less paint. Always have something nearby to dab on and then if you want to remove any of the paint from your sponge, you can dab it onto your blotter.

    I am continuing to cover the entire face. As a matter of fact, I am going to even cover our model s ears and spread the paint around that I already have on her face. You can also use a pouncing motion because do remember that there is a little person under there and that you want to be as gentle as you possibly can.

    So, dabbing and pouncing and moving around the wonderful shimmery paint that you have for your Out of this World painted face. So, now we have a full coverage but you can that I have avoided the eye area and that is because that is what we will be doing next but I will get there in a minute. Let us take a second color. When you foundation a face with face paint, one single color, you do need to go back and you need to use a lighter or a different hue to create some areas of interest. So, now I have a shimmery blue and I am going to use that following some of the natural contours of the face as a shadow.

    So, underneath the cheek bone is an area on that little under the lip area, above the chin, how about on the inside of our cute alien s nose. At this point, I would like to lighten the face up and I need to take a silver or another lighter pigment and once again, you will notice that I have taken another edge of the sponge. I had edge number one for our green foundation, edge number two for our blue foundation detailer and edge number three for our shimmery silver.

    We are going to pounce and point this silver onto the more forward areas of the face. Any blending, any areas where there might be too much line work or too much definition, do a light blending. At this point we have a great foundation and the next thing that we are going to do is create alien eyes that are Out of this World. See you soon.