Face Paint – Creating the Butterfly Wing Details

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Face painter Michelle Johnson demonstrates how to paint a butterfly, including how to create details in the wings.

    Michelle Johnson: Hi! I am Michelle Johnson, the Face Paint Lady here. Now, we are going to create the magnificent wing detail. You will need a brush, a round brush not a square brush but a round brush and you will need to take your brush and to dip into your water and then you will go to your paint. Now, this is one of the most important aspects of face painting and that s when you are filling your paint brush that you are literally twisting it because you want your brush to be smooth and pointed and loaded with paint but not dripping. If you are a right handed painter, you will want to begin on your model s left hand side of their face and then it will be easier to copy when you come over here because that will be your strongest side. You need to twirl the brush and make levels of thickness and thinness to create the interest, if you have a line that s not as saturated with color as you would like, you very simply go back and do it again.

    You could notice here, that I have the paint all coming to a central point between the model s eyes, creating a fluidity and beauty of pattern. You will do the same thing on the lower lids. You want thin and thick sections, if you look at a butterfly you will see that they have wonderful little patterned sections in the wings. The more you are able to emulate that with your brush strokes, the more realistic and beautiful your butterfly will become. Now, you have done your off side, now being right handed, this should be your easy side; the opposite is true for left handed painters, you will want to come up, twist, turn and once again, you are taking those strokes into an imaginary central spot. You will notice that my paint strokes are working with the initial sections of colors that I created with the initial sponge work. I am trying to copy but you know what I don t really mind if the butterflies are not completely symmetrical. The main thing is that you are having fun twisting your brush, creating lines of varied widths and now you can do your beautiful antennas. We will continue are next clip with artistic detail that will put the finishing touches on your flying rainbow. See you soon.