Face Paint – Creating the Butterfly Wings

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Face painter Michelle Johnson demonstrates how to paint a butterfly, including how to create beautiful wings.

    Michelle Johnson: Hi! I am Michelle Johnson, the Face Paint Lady here and now we are going to create magnificent painted wings. We have our sponge, it s been cut into the quarter, we are going to dip the sponge into water and choose our first color, you take your applicator sponge and with it mopping to damp up moist enough, you are going to want to fill your sponge with color, remember I said that I really like the UV colors for the wonderful painted wing; you filled your sponge with color, you come over to your model and you gently tap and apply the color, very gently around the eyes. You might be sure to ask if someone were wearing contacts, trying to keep the two different sides of the face as equal in shape as possible. The second color I am choosing is a neon pink, these UV colors do respond under black lights. You can notice that I have taken sponge and turned it to another edge so that my paints stay nice and clear and their color and that we did with the first color green. We are going to take the pink and we are going to continue to create the magnificent wings. You want to continually look and gauge the work that you have done, it s time to do your down wings. Once again, your sponge has gone into the water; you have chosen your third color. You use the third side of your sponge; you are creating a flying rainbow. You check for evenness of pattern and now, I am going to get a second sponge. Once again, dip it into the water, determine your fourth color, move the sponge around, get the paint into the sponge and we are going to finish off the bottom tip of our lower wing with shimmery gold. Now, looking at that gold is not as pigmented, as I might like to be so let s try yellow and these are all fun decisions that you can make while you are face painting. There we go, see you want to see it, so if it doesn t do what you wanted to do the first time, you do it again, two up wings, two down wings, one flying rainbow. Now, to finish off, we are going to take a dab of black and connect the magnificent wings with a lovely body. The next thing we will be doing is creating the lovely wing detail that brings our butterfly to life. See you soon.