Face Paint – Finishing Touches to the Alien

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Face painter Michelle Johnson demonstrates how to use some fun artistic details to add a one of a kind signature look to our alien.

    Michelle Johnson, the face-paint lady here and now, we are going to use some fun artistic details to add a one of a kind signature look to our alien. Lots of things that I use are very common and easy to find. Feathers are a fantastic artistic detail. It s not only for aliens but for just about every face-paint that you can imagine.

    You take a colored feather, you coordinate it with the colors of the design, poke them in their hair, sorry, not poke them in their hair, put them in their hair and next thing you know you have a beautiful accessory. Our alien is going to have a wire tube that we place on her head. That is a communicator for our alien. We are also going to use a lovely crystal. Now, I use spirit gum. Spirit gum is an adhesive that is especially made for using on skin and this is available at most of your finer Theatrical Supply Houses. This is water-soluble, the spirit gum is water-soluble. We will place that in the middle of our alien calligraphy. We will choose a galactic yellow-green and I have some fun floral antennas. I do not even know if you guys can see them but they are very small and all, they are like antennas, they are beautiful antennas.

    We will tuck one and we will tuck the other and glitter, every design that you do. Of course, you should ask the child being painted, if they would like to glitter. Once again, it is a cosmetic glitter, 164th of an inch polyester, hexagonal. You do not want to use a craft glitter for your face-paint design. The glitter itself very nicely settles into the still lightly damp paint. I take my finger into the water, a little dab for dryness onto the glitter and then onto the design. Thank you very much for joining us. You have a lovely, galactic face-painted alien of your own design. See you soon.