Facial – Toning, Moisturizing and Sunscreen

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    An expert from Ana Visage Day Spa discusses the benefits of using toner, moisturizer, and facial products that contain sun protection.

    LaVerne Onike

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    Hello, we are Avi Career Training -- a Beauty, Cosmetology, Esthetics and Massage Therapy School in Great Falls, Virginia.  We are happy to demonstrate how to do a facial treatment. To tone the skin, you will need an astringent or a toner product. It’s convenient to use a product that comes in a spray bottle, since you’ll simply need to spray onto the skin. If not, you can soak cotton balls into your product and gently wipe onto the skin. I will be using the spray so please remember to keep your eyes and mouth closed until the toner evaporates. Spray the toner into the air, right above the face, and pat off the excess. Once the toner, has set onto the skin, you will need to apply a moisturizer. I recommend using one that is oil-free. Squeeze a little bit more than a dime size onto your fingertips and massage it in (just as you did for the other products) working your way upwards from the neck to the forehead. Lastly but not least, you should always protect your skin with a sunscreen. Most people disregard sunscreen without realizing the effects of sun damage and sun exposure. Besides skin cancer, studies show that sun damage/exposure is the cause for 90% of wrinkles. Therefore, it’s extremely important to add sunscreen into our daily regimen. Apply a thin layer of an SPF 30 sunscreen, and remove the headband. That completes a facial treatment; and once again, we thank you for your attention.