Fall Holiday Mixed Drinks – Pumpkin Martini

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bartender Marie Guaragna Demonstrates how to make a pumpkin martini–the perfect addition to your Halloween party.

    Hi, my name is Marie Guaragna with MGB special events in Arlington, Virginia. Today, I am showing you how to make some wonderful holiday drinks for the fall and autumn for both Halloween and for Thanksgiving. We are going to start with a Pumpkin Martini. The ingredients you will need is Cointreau, Vodka, Pumpkin liquor, a chilled martini glass, a shaker and we will need, for our rim we need equal amounts of brown sugar and allspice and we are going to garnish it with a cinnamon stick. So, now let us get started on our Pumpkin Martini. Okay, we have our chilled glass we are just going to dump the water out. You could also have a glass from the freezer, if you do not have that then a quick way to chill your glass is just to put water and ice. We are just going to take a splash of this Cointreau and we are going to swirl it in our Martini glass as so, just to get it all around, so it gives it a nice flavor of Cointreau and you can get rid of any excess.

    We are going to put in our shaker some ice and start with one and a half ounces of vodka, about an ounce of pumpkin liquor and if you do not have this pumpkin liquor it is okay. So, you can find some pumpkin infused vodka that will be awesome also. We are going to put that in our shaker. Alright and we are going to rim our martini glass. I am going to put a little bit of that pumpkin liquor and if you do not want to waste it, so you could certainly use water but it is going to taste better and we are just going to swirl our rim of our martini glass. Then, we are going to go ahead and put it inside of our brown sugar and allspice and it is going to give it a very nice flavor and it is also going to look pretty. Just get it all on there, do not be shy. There we go. Slowly pour it in and you could see that nice fall color and put in your cinnamon stick. That is how you make our Pumpkin Martini for our wonderful holiday parties. Enjoy.

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