Fall Makeup – Cheeks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Suzanne Minskey with Faces by SAM Makeup Artistry will discuss how to get beautiful blush on your cheeks without making it too obvious.

    Suzanne Minskey: Hi, I am Suzanne Minskey with Faces by SAM Makeup Artistry. Today I am showing you how to apply a fall makeup look. Right now in this segment I am going to discuss how to get beautiful blush on your cheeks without making it too obvious.

    What you want to do first is determine where your actual cheek bones are because that's where the blush is going to go. To do that you can suck your cheeks in like a fish and the part that stands out is your cheek bone.

    Now to determine where to start the color, you want to look straight ahead into a mirror and see where your pupil falls. That's as close as you want to get to your nose with the blush, any closer and its going to look like you have been wiping your nose and that's really not a great attractive look.

    Now you want to start by taking a fluffy domed shaped blush brush and loading up the color. Shaking off any excess, because remember wherever you place the brush is where the most amount of color is going to go.

    Start where that pupil is, apply the brush and blend outwards. Now for this look, since you have color on the eyes and we are going to do a bolder lip color on the lips, you don't want your blush to compete. You want it to be very nice and soft and natural. Now I know there are tricks to blend it all together to make it look really nice is to apply a little bit extra in the temple and take it just into the corner of the eye. Now if you have very dry skin like myself you may need to put an extra coat of blush just to make sure that it blends really well. So when you have dry, dry skin it tends to soak up the color of the makeup and give you more washed out look which will just make your skin look even dryer.

    Same thing for super oily skin, however you may just want to use a cream blush instead of a powder blush and you will get a little bit more vibrant color and a little bit more staying power.

    And that's how you apply beautiful flush to your cheeks without over doing it. In our next segment, we are going to discuss how to shape and fill-in your lips and how to select the appropriate lip color to complement your fall makeup look.