Fall Makeup – Deep Matte Lips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Aisha Alves, President of Picture Perfect Makeup, shows you how to create deep matte lips.

    Aisha Alves: Hi! I am Aisha with Picture Perfect Makeup, and I am here with Anna, our model, to show you how to update your makeup for the fall season. Right now I am going to show you how to do the season's hottest lip which has a deep matte lip color. When using a matte lip color, you want to be careful about the texture of your lips because it doesn't have any shine or moisturizer to just kind of smooth everything out. So before doing any kind of matte lip color, you want to make sure that you exfoliate your lips and moisturize them, which is what we've already done with Anna. Now when you moisturize, don't use anything too glossy, just something that will sink into the lips and give you some moisture.

    Now, before you start your color, you want to make sure that you prime your lips with the little bit of coverage. Again we use our spray foundation. I am just going to use a tiny bit of that around the lips to make sure we get rid of any redness or any discoloration, and to make the lip line look really nice and clean, with a matte lip precision is key. So you want to make sure you do that first. The next step is to go ahead and apply your lip color. I am going to use a matte lipstick. So again it's going to be a little on the drier side, it's doesn't have a lot of shine. If you don't have a matte lip stick at home, you can use a regular lip sick and then just powder it later.

    I am using a lip brush because like I said we wanted to be really precise and clean on the application. So you are going to go ahead and apply the lipstick all over the lips. Another advantage to using a lip brush is that you can apply the color in layers, so it goes on sheer and then you can build depending on how heavy you want the color to be. When you are applying straight from the tube, you just kind of get like one uniform swipe of color, you can't really control it that much. So another reason to think about using a lip brush. Now you'll notice with the lip brush, I m going all the way to the edges of her lips and applying it pretty precisely. We'll be doing a liner but I m going to wait and do that last. So do your best with a lipstick to already get a precise line.

    Once you've applied your color then you are going to go into your lip liner. The reason I am doing it backwards like this is because of how important it is to be nice and clean. So once the color is on, then we can go in with our lip liner and really make sure that the edges are nice and perfect. With a deep matte lip, if it looks messy, you really lose the effect. So you want to make sure that we get a nice, clean line. The lip liner that I am using is actually a little bit deeper. It has more of a wine color. So when I blend it in it'll make the color of lips like a little bit richer.

    You can see as I am applying the lip liner, I am using short feathery strokes as opposed to trying to do the whole thing in one sweep, which is almost impossible. Go slow, use small strokes and you'll end up with a nicer looking finish. So like I said, after you apply your liner, then you go back in with your brush and blend it. Once you do that, you are going to go ahead and blot with a tissue. This is to take off any of the excess shine and to kind of push the color right into the lips. Apply it once, we want to do one more. A matte lip is a little tricky, because you have to build it. So you get that color but have the correct kind of velvety texture. So I am going to go back in with the lipstick one more time just to make sure that the color is just right, nice and even. Okay, once you've applied your color, what I like to do as a last step is to go in with your foundation and just clean-up anything that is coming out of the lip line because I want this lip nice and perfect. Like I said before if you are using a traditional cream lip color, you can go ahead and powder it on top for that extra matte finish. When you are going to powder your lips, what you want to remember to do is take a tissue, lay it on top and then take your powder brush and swipe it on top with whatever powder it is you are using, so that way a little bit of the powder goes through to give you a matte look, and that cuts the extra shine. And that's it.

    When you are updating your makeup for fall, just remember don't forget to transition your skin, do an updated smoky eye and tray a perfect matte look. Thanks for watching.