Fall Makeup – Eyes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Suzanne Minskey with Faces by SAM Makeup Artistry will show to do the eyes.

    Suzanne Minskey: Hi, I am Suzanne Minskey with Faces by SAM Makeup Artistry. Today I am showing you how to do a fall makeup look. Right now we are going to show you how to do the eyes.

    The first thing you want to do after you've selected your eye colors is choose a middle tone color for the base. I am going to use this kind of purpely brown color and apply it to my eye shadow brush.

    Now your eye shadow brush, you typically want to apply the base color with is very similar to your concealer brush. You want it dome shaped at the tip but you want it a little bit more fluffy.

    Now what you want to do is apply it starting from your lash line all over the lid. Remember, where ever you apply the brush first is going to be the most amount of color. So you don't want to start it anywhere up here because that's going to make the area too dark.

    Next, we are going to apply a crease shade. For that, I am going to use an angled crease brush. Now for the crease color, I want to use something slightly darker but I don't want it to have any shimmer to it. A crease color you want to be very nap and smooth. Apply the brush -- at the outside corner of the eye because that's where you want the most amount of color and you want to do little circles and work it towards the centre. You want to blend that nap darker color in with your base color.

    Since earlier, we already defined the arch with the powder; we don't need to use as light a color so this can be a little bit more of a smoky look. So I am going to -- let me take my fluffy eye shadow brush and I am going to use this slightly shimmery kind of pink color. If you use something that's too white, that can look really artificial, so soft blush pink is really nice.

    Now put just a little bit on the inside corner, it help to open up the eye and make you look a little bit more wink. Now I am going to take an angled brush. You want it to be very thin with a sharp angle to it. Starting at the outside corner, you just want to, just get it right along as close to the lashes as you can get. Working in as far as you feel comfortable.

    Next, we are going to apply a little bit of eye liner. Starting at the outside corner, you never want to pull your eyelid out to the side. Pull it up if you needed to keep a little bit more top and work your way in towards the centre.

    We want to get as close to lash line as possible. Don't worry about trying to draw a perfectly smooth line, short little dash lines will work just fine because we are going to blend them together in a second on your face.

    If you want it thinner on the outside edge, so kind of start here and work your way back again to add a little bit extra to the outside corner and now to smudge them and give them then a soft sultry look, I am going to take a cue tip and just skim in over the top, rubbing back and forth, very gently.

    Then if you still have a little bit that needs to be cleaned up, you just take your concealer brush that you used earlier that's still out a little bit of concealer left and swipe it under.

    Then to top it all of, we are going to apply mascara of your choice. We are going to start at the base of the lashes and wiggle your way to the edge. I want to put a little bit on the bottom lashes as well, because for bolder eye looks leaving the bottom lashes can make it look a little bit bare.

    Now you have the eyes. In the next segment, we are going to discuss how to get beautiful flush.