Fall Makeup – Updated Smoky Eyes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Aisha Alves, President of Picture Perfect Makeup, teaches the smoky eyes makeup technique.

    Aisha Alves: Hi! I am Aisha Alves with Picture Perfect Makeup and I am here with our model Anna today to show you how to update your make up for the fall season. Right now, we are going to talk about a modern twist on the traditional smoky eye. What I am going to start with is actually her brows. So, I am going to start with a little bit of brow powder, and we are just going to fill in her brows following the natural contour. You take the brush and brush the product up following the natural growth of the hair just so you get a nice full brow.

    Next, what we are going to is use a shadow primer. Shadow primer is going to be really important when you are doing your fall makeup, because as we are using richer colors and heavier pigments, you want to make sure that they stay on the eye and don't fade throughout the day. So, what I am going to use for a shadow primer is actually something that has a little bit of a pearl or shimmer in it. This is just going to bust that glow that we are going to get from the shadows we use. We are just going to apply it to the lid and then with your finger, smooth it out all the way up to the brow. Now shadow primer, in addition to holding on to your makeup and making sure that it stays on and doesn't crease, it's also great because it will also intensify any color that you put on top. So like I said, as we are doing a richer color palette this season, we want to really get the most of our color. Open. So as you can see, even just with using shadow primer, you get a more clean and bright eye lid.

    Our next step is to go ahead and add the color. Like I said before, we are using a richer color palette. With the traditional smoky eye, normally people use a grays, charcoal, blacks and browns which is great, because it give you that really smoldering look. But for this fall, what we are seeing on the runways is a lot more of a dual-tone or almost like a forest theme. So anything that's emerald, moss, gold, these colors that you can find in nature is what's really going to work well with your fall palette.

    So, what I am going to use is a kind of a cross between a shimmery emerald and also a shimmery amethyst which will work great with Anna's skin tone. First we are going to take your lighter color and very, very gently blend it into the crease. Like I said before, fall is all about contour, it's very sophisticated looking, very polished. So you want to make sure that your application is just right. Open. Close.

    The next step is that we are going to use a contrasting color which like I said, in our case is going to be this deep emerald. And we are going to use this lower, toward her lash line to get that pop of color that we want. And I am going to run this right here along the lash line and a little bit up here in the corner. So it kind of fades into the first color that we put in, giving a really cool kind of effect. And I will do the same thing on the other side, again bringing it slightly up in the corner and then across the lash line on the bottom. I am going to take a little bit more color to make sure that it's nice and vibrant.

    An option for those of you who want a little bit of extra drama is to take that second color, look up to the ceiling, and add it underneath, that what's really going to give you that smoky look. It's very dramatic, but very sexy too, if you are in the mood for that.

    Your next step is to do some eyeliner. With all this color, you definitely want to make sure that the eyes are nice and defined. So for this specific application, I am going to use a cream or gel liner just so we can get nice and tight into the lashes. I don't want anything to overpower what we have got going on with her color. So I am going to use a nice deep eggplant type color. Eggplant is great for those of you who have brown eyes because it really makes the brown in your eyes look nice and warm. Close your eyes. And I just, as you can see applying it to the base of her lashes, so we get that definition but we don't see a hard line. Open.

    It almost looks she naturally has a thicker roll of lashes which is the effect that we want. Close. If you want to have the smokiness carried over to the bottom of the eye you would repeat that on the bottom. Look up to the ceiling. Except on the bottom, you want it to be a little bit more smudgy. See, how I am going back and forth with the brush, that diffuses the color, so it gives you more of the smoky effect. And finally, you want to do your lashes. Again with such a dramatic eye, you don't want to have a wimpy lashes, you want something that's really going to show up. So I am going to actually start her off with an eyelash primer which is almost like an invisible booster for whatever mascara you put on top. It's very easy to use, it's usually kind of clear or milky colored. And this serves two function. Not only is it going to give you that extra length and volume that you want, but it's also going to help hold a curl. A lot of times your lashes can get kind of heavily and they will just fall flat, you don't want that. So this will help them stay up. And then after you do that, then you go ahead and use your mascara. You don't want to let it dry for too long, because then it will get sticky. So immediately after you apply it, you go straight into your mascara. That's okay. If you have a little smudge, you can clean it up after. And that's how you do an updated version of an smoky eye. Next I am going to show you this season's hot new lip look, which is a deep matte lip.