Fall Wedding Makeup – Cheeks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Suzanne Minskey with Faces by SAM Makeup Artistry. Will show you how to do a beautiful fall wedding look for your wedding.

    Suzanne Minskey: Hello! My name is Suzanne Minskey with Faces by SAM Makeup Artistry. Today, I'm showing you how to do a beautiful fall wedding look for your wedding. In this segment, we are going to discuss how to get that beautiful blushing bride look using your brush.

    To find a perfect shade for you, you want to flip over your hand and take a look at your palm. The color of your skin naturally there is going to look the most natural color for your blush. Then you want to take a slanted blush brush and dip in that perfect color, shake off any excess, then starting right below the pupil on the apple of the cheek, lightly blush all the way up to the temple, blending really, really well, you want to go back and forth a couple of times without putting any more blush back on your brush because you really want that base layer to be nice and really worked into the skin, blend it very, very well with your foundation, that's going to help it really last throughout the day.

    And if you need a little bit more, you can go back and touch it up, then I want to just put a little bit more and shake off the excess at the temple and work at just into the corner of eye. It helps to give a more natural look, so that when you flush, you don't just flush in a straight line, flush a little bit all over. It's really helping to work that in and we'll give it a more blushing bride look, rather than a makeup bride look.

    Let's create about an angled brush as it really helps you to grip that cheekbone, sometimes the more domed, round ones can leave a little too soft and you really have to pile more product on, it doesn't have to be contour as well, and just a little bit, whatever is left on the brush, just blend it around your hairline, pull a little along your jaw line, just a little bit down the nose, put in the more product on or else you look like you just want to marry on and you just want to look like you're blushing, alright and there is how to get the beautiful blushing bride look, using your blush.

    In the next segment, we'll discuss the lips.