Fall Wedding Makeup – Eyes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Suzanne Minskey, with Faces by SAM Makeup Artistry. Will be showing you how to do a beautiful fall makeup look for your wedding.

    Suzanne Minskey: Hi my name Suzanne Minskey, with Faces by SAM Makeup Artistry. Today I am showing you how to do a beautiful fall makeup look for your wedding. In this segment, we are going to discuss how to do with eyes with some pretty bold fall colors.

    First, you want to start off with a little bit of eye primer. This will help to help your eye shadow quip better and keep it from creasing up. It does make the color stick a little bit better. So if you are not that great at blending you may want to skip this step and just work on slowly building up the color to get the intensity that you want.

    Now that we have that applied we're going to go to the eye shadow colors. I have selected a really pretty and champagne kind of color for the base. We're going to press it in using a domed shadow brush and then you are going to apply that from the lash line all the up to the brow bone. You want to choose something that's very similar to your natural skin tone so that it doesn't stand out too much. You just want nice soft base.

    Next, we are going to do a little bit of a smokier look. We are going to apply a matt brown color. You want to choose warmer colors for the fall because it makes more of a natural color that you see it, during the fall time. I am going to start up at the base of the lashes and working up just all the way up to the crease here.

    Now for the accent color, you want to start by prepping your skin with little bit of translucent powder. Kind of heavily dusted just underneath the eyes, that way it'll catch any of the dark shadow that falls. And we can just wipe away the powder and wipe away the color without doing your foundation job.

    Now for this one I have chosen a nice warm deep burgundy color. Start up the lash line and just dab it in and take an angled liner brush, dip it in and then just a little bit underneath the lash line. We want to take it all the way across.

    Next, we are going to apply a little bit of an eyeliner if you can use a water proof one which is best because there probably will be tears and you just want to kind of a real thin soft line, right along the lashes. Now we want to take our liner brush and run it over. This works a little bit better than a Q tip, if you are using a waterproof eyeliner they tend to be a little bit more waxy in consistency and a Q Tip really just wipes it away. Then you want to use a cosmetic sponge and then clean up a little bit more and if you need to. Now it's time for some mascara. Let me start with the base of the eyes. Wiggle and pull through them. Lastly we are just going to finish it up with a little bit of a highlighter underneath the eyes. What you are going to do is just going to dab a little bit right underneath the eyes in kind of like a C shape here. And what that's going to do is that's really going to help to brighten up the eyes and mask any puffiness or dark circles without having to put on a whole lot of concealer, which can crease by the end of the day.

    And there you have it, beautiful fall eyes for the wedding. And, in our next segment we are going to talk about how to contour the face so that you can make your cheek look stand out, minimize the appearance of a large nose, enhance your jaw bone and really look perfectly symmetrical in your wedding photographs.