Fall’s Best Bargain Getaways

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    US News Travel reports on the best Fall vacation bargains from around the world.

    Julie Epstein: US News Travel recently ranked this year's best fall getaways and Paris found itself at the top of the list. Traveler's say, the City of Love and Lights really shines as tourists filter out and the warm weather dissipates, and for the bargain hunter, hotel deals start popping up all over town. If you can't make it overseas, look to the West Coast into San Francisco. The Golden Gate City shed some of its notorious fog giving visitors sweeping bay views and believe it or not, October is one of the cities warmest months. Meaning, you will only need a light jacket at night. The San Francisco Jazz Festival also adds an excitement this time of year. But if you're in search of a cheaper spot, try another city on our list. Chicago, you'll discover an abundance of discounts in flights and rooms. You can also catch spooky Chicagoween in Daley Plaza, which features festive activities and scares during the last week of October. However, much later than this, you will feel the chilling bite of Midwest winters. If you are looking to skip the cool weather all together, Sin City is always beckoning. Las Vegas offers temperatures in the 80s and great room rates and the incredible poolside weather just might be enough to keep you away from the blackjack tables. For more vacation ideas, take a look at our best Fall Getaways, linking on travel.