Family Fitness Fun

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mary Anderson, Deputy Editor of Fitness Magazine, describes a few fun activities you can do with your family. Learn tips from the pro and stay healthy and have fun with your family!

    Mary Anderson: Hi, I am Mary Anderson, Deputy Editor at Fitness Magazine and I am here to help you think out of the box when it comes to your workout routine. Some of the best calorie burning tools you have are actually in the kid's closet. Take this Frisbee for example. You can burn a 193 calorie per hour just tossing it around, making it a game of ultimate and that's 511 calories per hour. Now just choose a colorful style like this one here, so the kids can easily catch it or see it or a grab a baseball and a mitt or a football and play catch outside, it's good for 161 calories per hour and it's whole of fun for kids of every level. Jump roping, you loved it when you were kid, it still burns a ton of calories, 644 calories per hour which is the equivalent of a 6 miles per hour run. Now when you buy a jump rope, you want to stand on the center and see if the handles come about the shoulder height and if they don't you can adjust it by tying the ends a little closer. Lawn games of any description are great way to get out there and burn calories, badminton is a favorite, super easy for kids of all levels and what do you do if it's rainy day outside, pop in a wee game and have a dancethon with the kids, you will burn 290 calories per hour and all this stuff it's available at your local sporting goods store, we have got everything you see here from sports authority. So get out there and have some fun this fall and burn some calories.