Family House Rules For Children

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Valorie Burton for Focus on the Family discusses how to institute rules that will help your family grow stronger.

    Valorie Burton: It's been said that rules without relationship equal rebellion, instituting rules can actually help our families grow stronger.

    One of the most difficult jobs that parents have is setting firm rules and enforcing them. It's a lot easier to lean toward fan and flexibility. That's important too. But kids need structure and to know what to expect.

    The easiest way to establishing communicate rules is by having a meeting. Try sitting down together as a family every few months to discuss the dos and don'ts in your household and go over tours, curfews, and other conduct.

    Your kid should participate in the process and they could even suggest some of the consequences for breaking the rules. Make a copy of the new rules, and post them on the fridge for everybody to see, and remember, stick to your guns even if your kids whine and complain.

    It's important to follow through or you'll actually be setting them up for failure and frustration later on in life. Rules are meant to be followed, and don't forget at least some of the family rules should applied to parents as well as kids. Make sure you stick to the rules for parents too. Your kids will be more apt to obey their family rules when they see you obeying them. Don't get annoyed if they start reminding you of the rules. It's proof, they are learning.

    Believe it or not rules can actually build family unity and that should always be rule number one.