Family Issues for Singles During the Holidays

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Relationship expert Amy Schoen discusses how to survive the holidays as a single including family issues for singles during the holidays.

    Amy Schoen: My name is Amy Schoen and we are going to talk about how to survive the holidays as a single. The topic we are going to discuss is family issues. Singles generally feel their family abuse them. When they come home for the holidays, there descend to my experience that they may be not grown up enough because they are single. Or there might be some judgmental like holier-than-thou kind of from aunt married kind of saying, "Oh! you know I don't know why she is not married, you know she should be married". There is some pressure going on that someone should be married by a certain age. Or you might hear a little whisper that says "Oh! I know why she is not married?

    " You know because she can't keep a nice home or she does not know how to cook or any of those judgmental kind of, comments that may come out. So you have to be careful of those things and you have to learn how to make a barrier against those or you have to be able to just let it roll off your shoulders. What else you are uncomfortable about being single during the holidays? You might have younger siblings who are married and have with families. So you feel like you are behind the curve, you are not, you should already have that. So it can be very uncomfortable for you in that way too. Singles can do so many things to help themselves and embrace being single. First of all, you really need to just look at your talents and what you have to offer? Everyone has some special talents and abilities that make them unique. And if you focus on that, the positive part of who you are, then it makes it much easier to embrace being single. And to embrace that this is a time in your life you are learning and you are growing to be who you are and that when it is ready you are going to meet that special person. So being single during the holidays doesn't have to be a hard thing when you back to your family. It is just about communicating with them, how it is for you to be single. Until then, tell them how you do you want to be treated by them.