Family Vacation – Including The Whole Family

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nancy Schretter of the Family Travel Network explains how important it is to involve every member of the family in the vacation planning process.

    Nancy Schretter: It's really important to involve every member of the family in the vacation planning process. This is the part of your family vacation planning that creates buy-in and buy-in is critical especially for families with teens, because for teens they want to know that they have a part in this and its something that they are going to do. For families when the kids and teens are happy generally everybody is happy. So you want to get together as a family by having a family meeting and say here is what we are thinking about doing, what do you want to do? Allow every family member to talk about something that they really want to do on their vacation. That's critical. It's important for every family member to make their own vacation memory as well as making vacation memories as a family. So you want every member to talk about something that they really want to do. The other reason that it's really important is that helps you to surface options for your family vacation that may be more fun and even less costly than some of the ones that you are considering. For example a lot of families think when I am planning a family vacation this is going to be a very expensive undertaking and they might look at doing something like a very expensive cruise or trip to a foreign country and thinking that's how I am going to make incredible family vacation memories. When sometimes it's more fun to do something like go to different baseball sites or do things that families really like. So key in on the things that your family likes to do. What activities did your family really enjoy and then try to create a family vacation around those activities or those types of things that families will love. The other thing that's important in doing this is it allows every member to take responsibility for something. It's important that the family vacation planning process not fall entirely on one parent. So that the mom or the dad ends up planning this entire huge family vacation and by the time they go it's almost as if its not a lot of fun for them its really too much for one person to take on.

    So if you can involve the kids and involve everybody that's better. The kids can do a lot of things in the family vacation planning process. Kids are incredible on the internet. So assign them different things to do. When you have come up with different ideas, have them go and research different options. If you have your budget setup and the kids are a bit older, tell them what you are looking for and say look for things that we could do within this budget range.

    So make sure to plan your family vacation together, not just one person alone.