Family Vacation – Reasonable Expectations and Flexibility

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nancy Schretter of the Family Travel Network will teach you how to set reasonable expectations when planning a family vacation.

    Nancy Schretter: Well couple of important things to keep in mind when planning your family vacation. The first one is set reasonable expectations. Do not expect perfection. Everybody is looking for that advertising family vacation, the one that you see on TV.

    Just remember that may not happen. So, be prepared. Be flexible when you are setting up things so that you can go with the flow. Also establish a budget for yourself; how much are you comfortable with your family vacation costing and figure that out together with your spouse and your children.

    Involve every member of the family in the family planning process and that is very, very important. That way you get buoyant for your family vacation so that every member of the family is really excited about going and they are thrilled about being there.

    Plan things with the kids in mind, sometimes families with babies and toddlers are looking back at theirs family vacations they had when they were couple and they are thinking we'll do this and we'll do this and we'll do this, but you got to remember now that you have kids involved.

    So plan your scheduling with the kids in mind, everything will go a lot easier and then lastly, plan some all adult time. Plan some time to have fun with you and your spouse. You deserve it. This is your family vacation after all too.

    Having reasonable expectations is one of the reasons why family vacations really succeed or fail. A lot of times parents get involved in thinking, I want that perfect family vacation. So all along in the trip they are wanting everything to go perfectly and when it doesn't, they are devastated.

    So keep reasonable expectations for you and especially for the kids. The kids may not be perfect all the time. They may do weird things, they weather may not be right. But just sort of go with the flow and have a good time when you are doing that.

    Being flexible is important because it allows you to take advantage of deals and sort of think out of the box. Sometimes some of the most important and fun vacation memories come from being flexible and sort of being spontaneous and just remember making great family vacation memories is what family vacations are all about.