Fanfare Firecracker Shrimp

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Executive Chef Phil Anderson of Harris Teeter shows you how to make spicy fanfare firecracker shrimp.

    Phillip Anderson: Hi I am Chef Phillip Anderson, Harris Teeters executive chef. Fanfare Firecracker shrimp. This recipe was written to few day people using 2 pounds of shrimp, we are going to cut that recipe in a half. So, we are starting off with 1 pound of shrimp, a quarter of a bundle cilantro and a quarter of a cup of extra virgin olive oil, and a half of lime juiced. The firecracker seasoning, we are going to use 2 tablespoons of paprika, 1 tablespoon of garlic powder, a half of the tablespoon of curry powder, a half of tablespoon of cumin, a half of teaspoon of red pepper, a half of the teaspoon of white pepper, a half of teaspoon of chipotle ground pepper, half of teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and a half of teaspoon of salt.

    Okay the technique here, is we are going to take all of our spices and we are going to roast them or toast them rather. So we are going to mix them up real quick here. Majority is that the garlic in the paprika, and then the combination of the blend spice blends, spices very nice. As you can tell a lot of pepper, different kinds of pepper. Okay, we are going to take this, mix it up really well, and then we are going it on a low heat and we are going to toast it. That brings out all kinds of flavors, the dipped oil brings out the oil to them.

    So, let's go over to the stove and toast these babies up. This is a dry pan. Okay I am all going to get this pretty hot. You will start to smell the different pepper, you just want to get it toasty. It started to smell a little bit of that pepper. The oil is coming out of them. So that's one, the recipe say toaster, spice blend. This is what you are doing. You toast them. I think that's it. Now what we are going to do, we are going to take a bag, to make it easy -- easier for me, I am going to put it back in there and then into my bag, oh! Yes, put in the shrimp.

    I am going to close that up, and okay. Now we know that, those shrimp have nice seasoned, it was toasted in spices. Okay we have our spice blend all over our shrimp. We are going to put it in the fridge for about an hour. Now, take it out and we will add a little bit of our olive oil as well. I am going to put this out over here. Now we have got cilantro and the lime juice. So we are going to keep that hot, you'll know when it's hot, when it starts to really cover the pan. Okay we are going to put these down, like smack down on the pan. I would be tempted to put more shrimp in there, but I don't want to do that, because you don't want to overcrowd it. Let them sit there for 20 seconds or so, let them get nice and seared.

    Okay, that's about 20 seconds, now I am just going to saute. Those shrimp are almost done. Okay now, that we have them done pretty much, we are going to add the cilantro, and this is after the lime juice. Now if they weren't done all the way, I will cover them and wait for a couple of minutes like the recipe reads. But they are done, so I don't need cover them now. So there you are Fanfare Firecracker shrimp. Enjoy!