Fantasy Football Draft

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Sports writer Gene Wang discusses how to play fantasy football and drafting a fantasy football team.

    Gene Wang: Hi, I am Gene Wang, Fantasy Football Writer for The Washington Post and washingtonpost.

    com. Welcome to my video on how to play Fantasy Football. In this segment I am going to show you how to draft a team.

    Now to draft a team, the first you're going to have to do a couple of things. First off you are going to have to determine the draft order. Now this can be done in a couple of ways. You could have a website if you are choosing randomly selected or you could just pick the names out of the hat. Now once you've determined what the draft order is going to be, the next thing you are going to want to do is to figure out how many players at which position you're going to want for each team.

    Generally, most leagues are set up with one quarter back, two running backs, two wide receivers, a tight end , a kicker and a defense/special teams. So that's eight starting positions. So draft's going to be anywhere from 14-16 rounds generally depending on how many back-ups you want to have. If you want to have six back-ups, you are going to have a 14 round draft. If you're going to have 8 back-ups and 8 starters, you are going to want to have a 16 round drafts.

    Now the next piece of information you are going to need is the best strategy when drafting a team. Now this is a fantasy debate you could have forever, depending on who you ask. Some people choose the draft running backs first because you are going to start two running backs and you are going to have to have two -- you want to ideally have two very, very good running backs their so you can carry on every week.

    But some people think, you know what, I can get a running back later in the draft so I am going to draft the highest rate of quarter back, over a running back. Now others simply pick the best player available at that position and pretty regardless positions.

    So if there is no set strategy that works, my preference is drafting running backs first, because I think that's the most important position in Fantasy Football.

    Now the trend in these days is to draft wide receiver or quarter back instead of running back, but I am what you would call an old school Fantasy Football guy and I am always stuck to my guns about drafting running backs first, and it's helped me win a lot of leagues. So if you want my advice, that's the direction I would go. Now once you've drafted your team, you are all set and ready to play. This is the most fun part of a Fantasy Football. Setting your lap each week and now you are going to determine which players are going to help you win against your opponent, and that's going to be based on I would see his individual performance, his trends and also largely on match-ups. That's one of the most important things of Fantasy Football, choosing which player to start against a defense that he's going to have success against.

    That's what I am going to show you in my next video segment.