Fantasy Football – Top Picks for 2008 (Part 2)

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Sports writer Gene Wang discusses the top fantasy football picks for 2008.

    Gene Wang: I am Gene Wang, Fantasy Football Writer for the Washington Post. Now, that I have helped you to set up your quarterback, running back and wide receiver positions, let's move on to the rest of the positions to fill at your roster, Tight end, Kicker and Defense/Special teams. Now, let's talk about the tight ends, number one at tight ends, Antonio gates of the San Diego Chargers. This guy was a college Basketball player at Kents, came in the NFL with very little fan-fair, now he's become the best tight end in Football, the best receiving tight end in Football at least and for Fantasy Football purposes, that's the most important. San Diego is runner first team with LaDainian Tomlinson, but when they throw they usually throw at Antonio Gates. He puts up numbers similar to Wide receivers, so if you can get him in the third run of a draft, I know that may seem high for a tight end, that's certainly worth a value for Antonio Gates. Number two, Jason Whitten of the Dallas Cowboys, he caught 96 passes last year which was a record in Dallas. He is Tony Romo's number two option behind Terrell Owens and he also puts up number similar to wide receivers, his Fantasy value is definitely a third rounder or a fourth rounder. Number three , Tony Gonzalez, Mr. Consistency in Kansas City. He is been doing this year, after year, after year, producing big numbers at tight end, he was one of the first tight ends of his generation to produce numbers like a wide receiver and he's going to keep doing it even with a new quarterback in Kansas City. Number four, Kellen Winslow of the Cleveland Browns. Now, Cleveland is an emerging offense, we talked about Derek Anderson at quarter back and Braylon Edwards at wide receiver, Kellen Winslow could be all said and done better than any of the other guys we talked about. So, he is definitely a guy, you should keep on your draft board. At number five, Chris Cooley of the Washington Redskins, Jason Campbell a young quarterback is running new system, Chris Cooley is his 'security blanket.

    ' He is great in the red zone, he scores a lot of touchdowns, he's going to be a guy that Jason Campbell looks to, when they are nearing the red zone, he's a sleeper pick at number five for Fantasy tight ends.

    Now, under the kickers. Number one, Adam Vinatieri of the Indianapolis Colts. This guy is money in the post season. This guy makes every big kick that you want to ever to make and he is on a team that scores a lot of points, Adam Vinatieri is your number one Fantasy kicker. Number two, Stephen Gostkowski of the New England Patriots. Again, we talked about New England is as a high scoring team, so you can get a lot of opportunities to kick extra points, a bundle extra points and a field goals. The Patriots don't go for a lot of field goals, that's make them a little bit less valuable than Vinatieri but nonetheless, he is going to have so many opportunities to kick extra points because the Patriots going to score a ton of points this year. So, he's our number two Fantasy Kicker. Number three, Nick Folk of the Dallas Cowboys. Now, this guy was a rookie last year, he's was a no one's Fantasy draft chart and then he emerged and led the Dallas Cowboys in scoring. This guy has made a ton of big kicks last year and the Cowboys are going to be one of the highest point teams in league, maybe the highest scoring teams in the NFC, he's going to get a lot of opportunities too. Cowboys do kick field goals, he's going to be the guy who is going to score a lot, all their extra points, he is going to be a guy, who can kick field goals from distance too and that's important in some of the leagues that have distance bonus for field goals. So, Nick Folk is our number three Fantasy Kicker. Our Number four Fantasy Kicker is Shane Graham of the Cincinnati Bengals. This guy is pleasing a small market, but he's on a team that loves to throw the ball. He has there two great wide receivers in that team, Chad Johnson, T.

    J. Houshmandzadeh. Carson Palmer a great quarterback, they move the ball very very well. He is going to get a lot of opportunities to kick extra points as well as kick field goals. Number five Fantasy kicker is Nate Kaeding of the San Diego Chargers. Now Kaeding has missed some field goals, but he's also has a lot of opportunities. Now, when you have LaDainian Tomlinson, you are going to be in the red zone a lot, and then I guess we will touch out every time, so he will have many opportunities as well to convert field goals, he's your number five Fantasy Kicker, Nate Kaeding of the San Diego Chargers. Now, last but not least, Defenses. The number one defense in this year's fantasy draft is Minnesota Vikings. Then you are going to have the best defense of football, you cannot run against these guys, Pat Williams and Kevin Williams in the middle are walls of stone, they have just added Jared Allen at defensive end, a great pass-rusher they added Madieu Williams at safety. So this defense is going to give up very few points, it's going to be stingy against the run, they are going to get the sacks, it's a defense you are going to want to pick at number one if you can. At number two, is the San Diego Chargers, they have play-makers all over the defense. They get a lot of sacks, they force a lot of turnovers and the score touchdowns, that's very important when picking a defense. Now, number three, the New England Patriots. Now, the patriots we think of as an offensive juggernaut which they are, but they have the easiest schedule in the league this year, that's going to help their defense a lot, they are not going to a lot of teams that can score points. So, they are the number three fantasy defense.

    Number four, the Jacksonville Jaguars, this is a team that's always prided itself at defense, they stop the run very well, they have great quarterbacks, they are not going to give up a lot of yards or a lot of points.

    Number five fantasy defense is Dallas Cowboys. Now, they get a lot of sacks and they force a lot of turnovers and they score touchdowns too, as we said earlier which is very important in defense and they are going to get better, they added some players in the off season, most notably Zach Thomas in linebacker, another great guy who stops the run and rush the quarterbacks. So our number five fantasy defense is the Dallas Cowboys.

    Now, that you have the top five picks at each position, you are ready to put together a winning team. I hope this series of videos has gotten you exited to play fantasy football, best of luck for the season, thanks for watching.

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