Fashion Drawing for Beginners

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional make-up artist Tu-Anh demonstrates fashion drawing for beginners.


    Tu-Anh Nguyen, founder of the Tu-Anh Accessories and Polished by Tu-Anh design and creative consulting. In addition to being head designer for her own Fashion Label,"tu-anh accessories"; Tu-Anh has been a professional make-up artist for over 20 years. She has worked with national cosmetic brands such as Prescriptives, Khiehls, AVEDA, Shiseido, Stila, Aura Science, Mary Kay, and Arbonne International as well as doing make-up for fashion shows, photographers, models, and actors. Tu-Anh’s mission is to inspire inner and outer beauty out of each individual to create a more harmonious, visually pleasing, and peaceful world. With her Fashion Design Background from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, She spends her days designing and consulting men and women on how to be more polish inside and out in order to achieve personal and professional success. Tu-Anh leads workshops and seminars on image, beauty, and fashion Design and art for teens as well as professional adults. For PR, Please contact [email protected] Beauty and style questions? Please email [email protected] She currently resides and work in DC Metro Area.

    Tu-anh: Hi my name is Tu-anh and I am with you Tu-anh Accessories, a fashion design firm based at Washington D.

    C. Metro area. I am going to show you the short cuts to illustrating fashion by using pens and markers. From choosing the right model poses to the right markers and pens to applying flesh tones and facial features, I will walk you through the entire process. You really don t need much to get started. You definitely want to have a tracing pad, some sketching paper, one good black ink pen, one or two flesh tone colors, a red pen or pencil, scotch tape and a magazine cut-out of your favorite model pose. Remember safety and cleanliness are always very important. You can do this basically anywhere, just make sure that there is plenty of space and plenty of lighting. Children and pets should be supervised. The scent of the markers and pens can be very strong, so you don t want to inhale because it might cause dizziness and headaches. Before we start, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I graduated from the prestigious fashion design school, in New York city called fashion Institute of Technology and I have been a fashion designer for over 18 years. I also have launched my own fashion label about 8 years ago called Tu-anh Accessories and on a monthly basis, I lead and I teach fashion illustration and design classes to young and aspiring designers around the country. Now, I am ready to show you how to draw fashion.