Fashion Forward Bob Hairstyle – Blow Drying

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Stylist Jeremey Paul at PR at Partners demonstrates how to properly blow dry a bob hairstyle.

    Jeremey Paul: Hi! I am Jeremey Paul with PR at Partners at Mazza Gallerie right in good old Washington DC. This video is about how to style a fashion forward bob. We are now going to begin to start the blow dry. With our product application, this client has fine to medium hair with a slight curl at the bottom. I am not very concerned about the curl; I just want to make sure that I smooth that out in the blow dry itself. With this client and with this bob, I am going to need a little bit more heightening through this area of the crown as well as on the sides of the head.

    So I can go ahead and apply my product now. This is my thickening product, you can use them most at home or you can use Thickening Spray from Bumble and Bumble. With any product, the more you use the more hold you get. You will notice that I am only using the product directly at the root; I am not concerned with the ends as I am at the actual scalp area itself.

    Next, any silicon based serum would do, as long as it is, on the lighter weight side, I am going to use the Defrizz from Bumble and Bumble, it's very, very light weight which is why is I like it and how I am going to use this, always starting from the back, very important, always start from the back when applying specially a silicone. If you go straight into your head and move your fingers this way, you are going to get grease strips; we want fashion forward bob, not greasy bob. So just from mid-shafts to end, I am going to put that product right there in the hair working my fingers in this kind of motion because I really want to get that product into the hair cuticle. Now that that product is applied, I am going to begin the blow dry, but very importantly for clients or people with very, very, coarse, curly hair especially a big trick to knocking that curl out without the flat iron, is to be able to blow dry backwards and forwards. You are lucky because in this case blow dry, you will not need any sectioning tools whatsoever, no clips, no fancy methods, nothing. The entire hair is going to be push dried forward all around the head with my blow dryer aiming down where we want the areas to be flatter, where we want more volume, we are going to push up and I will begin that now.

    Again backwards and forward motion is going to help kick out any palette (ph) or curl. Instead of pushing down this way, I am going to blow it upward, really working your blow dryer in this motion as oppose to that. Everything works together.

    Now that we have started the fashion forward bob, we are going to go ahead and finish it and in the next segment, I will teach you exactly how.