Fashion Forward Bob Hairstyle – Products Needed

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Stylist Jeremey Paul at PR at Partners discusses the products needed to style a fashion forward bob.

    Jeremey Paul: Hi! I am Jeremey Paul with PR at Partners at Mazza Gallerie right here in Washington DC. Today we are discussing how to style a fashion forward bob for all of you ladies at home. In this segment we are going to discuss all the products you will need for your hair type to create this look. On each tray here, we have one for fine hair, one for medium to thick hair. Now these are just products suggestions, these are not necessarily what you need to buy to create this look, just suggestions from different brands of how to achieve them. For starters, you always want to start with the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. If you are fine, limp hair, is just kind of lifeless, you need a little body, an extra added bit of oomph into your hair, you can start with a thickening conditioner or any volumizing conditioner to help achieve that look.

    Next, you want to start with any product that is going to start to build body for your fine hair and that would be, in this case, thickening spray then always silicone at end of you hair just so that we can get a nice smoothness, feel down the hair cuticle and add some softness and shine to the hair style.

    If your hair is little bit more than thicker side like mine naturally is, you want to start off with the conditioner that is a lot more heavy and a lot more moisture intense for this type of hair style, for instance, we have our Creme de Coco from Bumble and Bumble or Kerastase or System 3 nutritive line. Both will add weight and help protect the hair. We also have silicones to begin with the actual blow dry stuff, that's going to protect you from heat damage as well as add softness and shine to the hair cuticles. The most important thing to finish off your newly styled bob is your finishing product. Today, I am going to be showing you two different looks and within each look I have got the products appropriate to help you achieve that look or both looks I should say.

    We have the Vinyle Sculpt from Kerastase which is going to help with shine as well as piecing in that bob. Over here on this side we have Sumotech, which is actually appropriate for both fine and thick hair, it all just depends on how much you use, if it's thicker you are going to use more. If it's finer, less and only in the ends, but this is going to help us achieve nice piecing, nice texture. The first look that we are going to do is going to be more smooth, so that's where the serum has come into play. It's going to be smooth, sleek and straight and in the next clip, we are going to go ahead and started with how to style your fashion forward bob.