Fashion Forward Bob Hairstyle – Styling & Finishing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Stylist Jeremey Paul at PR at Partners demonstrates how to properly style and finish a fashion forward bob.

    Jeremey Paul: Hi! I am Jeremey Paul with PR at Partners at Mazza Gallerie right here in Washington D.

    C. Right now you are watching how to style a fashion forward bob. This is the finished flat iron look, a lot more sleeker, a lot more put together. One thing that I neglected to mention in the previous segment is that when you do flat iron, just make sure that you are starting from the mid-shaft down. You don't want to loose any of that volume or shape that we did put in during the actual blow dry process.

    I am going to show you two different looks, but the first look that I am going to show you is something that you could say is probably more appropriate for your day time job or something that's just not so loud and vivacious but this is going to be look number 1. So what we are going to do is we are going to take this from that nice fluffy look and we are going to put some texture and some piecing into it. There are many different products that you can use to really achieve this look. The one that I am going to use today is the Brilliantine from Bumble & Bumble. This is a oil-based product, it's great for piecing, great for texture, kind of gives a very fluffed and sexy look. To conserve on money, if you want to just go ahead and use a silicone like the Defrizz I used earlier on the look, you can use that as well. Any very pliable, very light weight cream wax would do as well, but nothing that's going to make the hair too stiff or completely minimizing movement is very, very important for this.

    So we want movement, all I want to do really is get rid of some of this fluffy look that the hair has got going on. So I am going to put the Brilliantine in my hand and most applying products are unbelievably important and especially with silicones, serums, waxes; again, always starting from the back, working away towards the front. Again, if you go look this, all of the product is going to be on the front of your head and you are going to start getting grease strips. Again, we want classy, sexy, not dirty.

    So we are going to start from the back. I want a little bit more piecing in towards the rounded shape of the bob. So I am just going to take my finger and then put that product in through there. You can already see how that texture is already being kicked out. Again on the sides, taking my hand starting from the mid-shaft down, working that product right into the front of the head. You can see now that the hair is coming alive, it has a lot more character, a lot more umph to it. If you put the product too close to the scalp, you are going to loose that volume that you put in it before, we don't want to do that. So again we want piecing, we want texture, you can see that in these little hairs that we have, that have already automatically started to separate with that product.

    At this point you just use your fingers and play with the hair until it's styled exactly where you want it. Now with your boar bristle brush, I am going to very gently go in and just brush off the ends to take it from this to this. Again, being gentle that we are not loosing that volume on the top of the head. Making it nice and sleek. Let's take a look at the client and viola! We have look number 1, sleek, sexy, not fluffy.

    The second look we are going to go into is something a little bit more appropriate for your night time Manolo Blahnik heels. We are going to get in here, I am going to use sumotech. This is very pliable, this is a light weight wax. It can be heavy if you use a lot, but any wax that has a cream base will do. I say cream because in my experience, I find that it's a lot more pliable, a lot more easy for someone at home who is not that familiar as with products.

    Now we are looking for a little bit more of a messy texture, something that's a little bit more fun and crazy and wild. This is going to be your freakum dress hair with the heels and mini skirt. So at this point, always emulsify, any chunks like this one in between my fingers is not good. That chunk will end up in the hair, you want to get that out of there. So taking my fingers, reworking on it. I am looking for something more like that, the product almost completely dissolved into my hands. With what's left, I am going to take in. this is where you can have more fun, don't be too serious, don't think about it too much. You just get the product in there. I am going to take my fingers and just start running it through. Being very careful not to get it too close to the scalp. Again, I don't want to lose volume. Lastly, to finish this look off a nice hair spray. What I am going to choose to use is a Spray de Mode from Bumble and Bumble. It's a medium weight locker, you can use any mild, medium-hold hair spray. Again, we are looking for products that aren't too abrasive, that don't layer too heavy on the hair either. The more you use, the more hold you get. So I am just going to go in, get it everywhere, move the hair around. I still want movement, I want texture. One thing that you do really need to stay away from is that helmet hair, you don't want it to not move, it needs to move.

    As you can see the new hair cut is completely alive, full of movement, full of bounce, vivacious, fun, and floating. Everyone has these bobs but what you will notice is that nobody has that old rounded, tiered, over hair sprayed bob. What we have here is something very trendy, appropriate for any women, whether you are a lawyer, a soccer mom, or if you are my mother. Any one at any age can achieve this look. Thank you so much for watching.