Fears of DNA Advancements

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    A new poll from Huffington Post reveal the conflicting excitement and fear of DNA advancements.


    Here’s a question for you:  “Which comes closer to your opinion about scientific research on human, plant and animal DNA?  A. I worry that this research poses unforseen dangers?  B.  I’m excited that this research could lead to major scientific breakthroughs C. Both of these D. Neither or E. Not sure?”  Well, according to a new Huffington Post Poll that posed this question, seventy-one percent said they were “B” excited but showed some concern in their responses to some of the other questions.  When it came to cloning, fifty-five percent said they were against the idea.  And when it came to designer DNA babies, they really didn’t go for it with 72% disapproving of such efforts.  Gattica anybody?  And when asked if they felt that scientists were “playing God” by tinkering with DNA in such ways, thirty-five percent said they were very worried about that possibility.