Fencing – The Circular Parry

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fencing instructor George Schleh demonstrates a circular parry maneuver.

    George Slay: Were going to take a look at the Disengage from a different angle this time to give you a better perspective on the appropriate movements here. Ivan will be demonstrating the Disengage. Don will attempt to Parry four. Take a look and watch the tip carefully Ivan, do it slowly. What Ivan has done, again, to repatriate is tricked his opponent. Hes fooled Don into thinking hes going to attack in one area and he has caused Don to attempt a Parry.

    While Dons blade is out of the way, Ivan has attacked and struck. Again, he has priority, his arm is straight out and the hit has landed. Recover Just take a look at that one more time a little bit more quickly, go ahead Ivan, very good. Its a nice Parry four, crisp, but was totally fooled by Ivans Disengage. Recover please.

    Lets take a look. You can do it as well from the other directions. So, if Don was going to Parry six that could be deceived as well. Again, slowly, again, what you are seeing is he is always moving forward and dipping the tip underneath the opponents bell guard and blade. Again, please keep in mind, do not pull your arm back and continue that forward motion. Recover and lets see it once more and little bit more quickly.

    Ready, go, excellent. Its a beautiful hit and nice form as well, recover. Now, that weve seen the disengage, were going to take a look at two other moves from a similar perspective and those are the circular Parries. These are very effective and intermediate fencing forms.

    Good evening, I am George Slay, Fencing Instructor with Recreational Fencing of Manassas. Subject of this lesson will be the circular Parry. In the last lesson, we learned how to Disengage and that was again deceiving the opponent into moving his blade out of the way by tricking him into thinking which target, you were planning on attacking. Now, if our opponent intends to use the Disengage on us, we can counter that move with a circular Parry.

    We are going to demonstrate that here and there are several, but two fundamental positions again that well focus on our four and six. Again, if I was to demonstrate just with my hand this Circular Parry, the tip will move in a circle, beginning and ending in the same place and it can be followed by a quick Riposte as well. Again, were just going to focus on the circular Parry. Well take a look at it from two different perspectives.

    Don on my left will be the one to execute the Parry. Ivan on my right will execute the Disengage. Theyll slowly advance on one another into the correct distance, when Don will begin the straight arm, to straighten his arm and Disengage, Ivan has now executed the circular Parry, and again, as with all good Parries, his blade remains within the line of Dons target area whereas Dons blade the tip is right out side the area that threatens Ivan.

    Lets see that one more time. Slow Disengage; we saw that and while hes Disengaging, Ivan is bringing his blade around. It could be done from both positions from the four as well. Lets try that. Very good. So, again, simply its move the same motion as you would have in four Parry, bring it over to the left or my left. Now, well see that one more time and then well going to change perspective to let you look at it from Dons angle, go ahead, excellent. Good, lets change perspective. Good evening, now, weve changed the perspective. We going to let you see from Dons position, what a circular Parry would look like. Again, this is the circular Parry six, Don will Disengage slowly, Ivan is spinning the blade around and its now threatening Dons target area. Lets see that one more time, slow Disengage and at the same time as hes extending, now, Ivan has regained the priority if he extends and strikes. Lets take a look now as if it was position four, very similar, take a look at that tip, and we are going see how it begins and ends in the same place. He has brought it across his body to the left and he has spanked Dons blade out of position, now, Ivan is in a perfect position to lunge and strike, excellent. Lets take a look at it one more time, paying close attention to the tip, Excellent. Thank you.