Feng Shui Attracting Wealth Tips – Kitchen

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Certified Feng Shui Practitioner Carol Olmstead shows how wealth is attracted in the kitchen.

    Carol Olmstead: I am Carol Olmstead and I am showing you how to use Feng Shui, to attract wealth. Now I am in the kitchen and do you hear that annoying noise? It's of the dripping kitchen faucet. In Feng Shui, we associate water with wealth. So you if you are leaking water, you are losing wealth. It's the unintentional use of water and it means that you are having trouble holding on to your wealth. The cure, the tip is easy. Fix the drip. Sometimes you can do it yourself, it's just a washer, sometimes you need a plumber, but fix your leaks and you will fix what you are losing in terms of your wealth.

    Now let's turn to the stove. In Feng Shui, we associate wealth and food. The ability to cook and feed people is associated with being wealthy in Feng Shui. This stove has four burners, if we had more burners in Feng Shui that would represent feeding more people. But to double the number of burners, let's place mirror behind the stove. The mirror symbolically doubles the number of burners and makes you more wealthy. Some people don't like a mirror behind their stove. I don't have one in my house. So instead, I suggest you put a shiny teakettle on top of your stove. It reflects the burners, doubles your wealth. That's how we make Feng Shui work in the kitchen.

    Now let's move into the dining room.