Feng Shui Tips for Attracting Love – Decorating the Bedroom

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Feng shui expert Carol Olmstead shares tips for attracting love and discuss decorating the bedroom.

    Carol Olmstead: I am Carol Olmstead and this is Feng Shui tips for attracting love. I am in a bedroom and one of the quickest easiest ways to rev up your love life or attract love into your life is to add a pair of red pillows to your bed. Red is the fire color. It's the color of love, it's the color of passion. So when you put it on your bed you send a very visible symbol of attracting love and it's okay to have lots of other pillows on your bed but when you go to sleep let's take them off because if you are crowded with too many pillows there is no room for you to sleep, no less for a lover to join you in bed.

    Now let's talk about what you have hanging on your walls in your bedroom. In Feng Shui we say that you are what you see and so if the images on the wall in your bedroom are bleak, lonely, single and solitary that's what you will attract into your life. Try changing your artwork, so the images you hang are more romantic, paired, coupled, sensual by your description, by your feelings. They should reflect what you want your love life to be like and when you lie in bed and look at those that's what you will attract into your life.

    Here is a tip about all of those photos of your children and your parents and your pets and your friends that you keep in your bedroom, get rid of them. After all you don't want them watching you when you are in bed. Replace them with photos of you and your spouse or significant other as a visual reminder of the love that you share in this room and if you don't have a spouse or a significant other yet then surround yourself with romantic images as a very visual message of what you want to attract into your life.

    Next, we are going to talk about feng shui tips for your night table and all that clutter you keep in your bedroom.