Feng Shui Tips for Attracting Love – Night Stands and Clutter

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Feng shui expert Carol Olmstead shares tips for attracting love and discuss night stands and clutter.

    Carol Olmstead: I am Carol Olmstead and this is Feng Shui tips for attracting love and these are tips for revving up the relationship that you already have as well and that leads us to the night table. This tip says to put a pair of night tables in your bedroom. If you already have a relationship they promote equality and harmony in your bedroom. As you see in this picture, the night tables in this bedroom don't match exactly but that's okay.

    The whole idea is that they need to match in stature and quality so there is balance and harmony in the relationship. It wouldn't work to have one night table be a fine piece of furniture like this one and the other one be a cardboard box with the tablecloth thrown over it. Just to make sure your night tables have some balance to them, if you feel to have lamps on both of them, so both partners feel balanced in the relationship.

    Next, we are going to talk about clutter in the bedroom. Clutter in Feng Shui terms represents postponed decisions and the inability to move forward. Well, think about that for a while and what it means to your life. We don't like to have clutter anywhere in your home but it's especially important not to keep it in your bedroom.

    A bedroom is the room reserved for rest and romance only and when you have clutter you can't settle down in your bedroom. You don't rest and it's very hard to be romantic. The tip for taking care of clutter in your bedroom is simple. We simply move it out and while you are removing clutter let's take a look at what else is cluttering your bed and keeping you from having a lover in the bed so that includes all of these stuffed animals. Let's get them out of here along with any posters you have of hot cars and booze and anything else related to childhood or teenage pursuits.

    One more type of clutter to remove from this bedroom and that's work related clutter. A bedroom should be free of any work related activities so you can rest and you can be romantic. If you have to have some kind of work area in your bedroom, if your home is small, set it up in one corner of the bedroom but be sure that at the end of the evening you close it down, either put it behind a standing floor screen or maybe put a plant in front of it. Anything to keep it from your vision at night, so you can sleep comfortable and you can be romantic.

    Next, we are going to talk about feng shui tips for TVs in your bedroom.