Filet Mignon – Choosing the Perfect Cut of Meat

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Hector Playuk discusses how to choose the perfect cut of meat for filet mignon.

    Hector Playuk

    Hector Playuk is the newly appointed executive chef of Jack’s Restaurant & Bar located in the heart of Dupont Circle at 1527 17th Street, NW. His extensive culinary experience includes being the executive chef for the National Academy of Sciences in-house catering provider Sodexho, which is the leading provider of food and facilities management in the United States. Chef Playuk has also worked as executive chef in other notable Washington kitchens including 14K in the Hamilton Crowne Plaza Hotel; the Hilton Arlington Hotel; The Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner, as well as Café Milano. He began his culinary career in Buenos Aires; apprenticed under renowned Chef Gato Dumas at the Dumas Culinary School of Argentina, and graduated in 1992 from the esteemed Le Cordon Blue in Paris, France.

    Hi, how are you? My name is Hector Playuk, the Executive Chef for Jacks Bar & Restaurant, Washington DC. Today, I am going to show you how to make Filet Mignon Rossini style and I am going to show you how I pick the right kind of meat for this dish. Very important, the kind of meat has to be I use Certified Black Angus Meat. Certified gives me guarantee of the kind of the meat. I like to select the meat with the texture and make sure the color red, very important when the color is red is nice kind of meat. Also if you are at home, its very important if you do a meal Rossini style for the family. I cut the meat between 7-8 ounces but at home you can use 6 ounces, 6 and a half ounces to get it for a big family. Make sure the color is red, completely red. It means the kind of meat is very good. Make sure you use a red cutting board also. This is the way I select the meat to do the Filet Mignon Rossini Style. Lets start it.