Filet Mignon – Foie Gras Selection and Preparation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Hector Playuk demonstrates foie gras preparation and selection.

    Hector Playuk

    Hector Playuk is the newly appointed executive chef of Jack’s Restaurant & Bar located in the heart of Dupont Circle at 1527 17th Street, NW. His extensive culinary experience includes being the executive chef for the National Academy of Sciences in-house catering provider Sodexho, which is the leading provider of food and facilities management in the United States. Chef Playuk has also worked as executive chef in other notable Washington kitchens including 14K in the Hamilton Crowne Plaza Hotel; the Hilton Arlington Hotel; The Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner, as well as Café Milano. He began his culinary career in Buenos Aires; apprenticed under renowned Chef Gato Dumas at the Dumas Culinary School of Argentina, and graduated in 1992 from the esteemed Le Cordon Blue in Paris, France.

    Hi, my name is Hector Playuk, the Executive Chef for Jacks Bar & Restaurant in Washington DC. I am going to show you today, were going to make it Filet Mignon Rossini Style, Im going to show you the compliment for this dish is a foie gras .

    We have got two types of foie gras. We got foie gras a and b, b is a meat low in quality, you dont want to use that, you want to use a which in nice. foie gras is a goose liver. Its nice compliment for a Filet Mignon Rossini style. You buy the foie gras, you clean you take all the feather out and keep the nice piece. You are going to cut the foie gras in about 2 to 3 ounces for compliment of the dish. You have to use very sharp knife. Very, very carefully you place it, cut the foie gras, while I use pinch of salt, pinch of pepper, preheat the pan.

    I prefer to use nonstick pan, very important. So, you place the foie gras sooner on few seconds. This foie gras since is a good quality have to use about 2-3 seconds max, then were going to place this on top of the filet mignon. Nothing and I dont use no butter, no oil, no nothing, just make sure that pan is heat. Place that way foie gras, basically while we look in these to sear (ph), give the nice consistency on the foie gras and you have to be careful in these repeats, make sure you stay and watch the foie gras sooner on quickly, because since this is fat, this is goose liver please make sure its melted (ph) right away, couple of seconds, two sides, sear got a nice brown color, very simple. Thats it, couple of seconds youve got the foie gras. This is how you sear the foie gras compliment the Filet Mignon Rossini Style.