Filling a Fake Tear Wound

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional Special Effects Makeup Artist Jesse Lechok shows how to fill in a fake tear wound.

    Jesse Lechok: My name is Jesse Lechok. We are at the Tom Savini's School of Special-Effects Makeup and this is step two in basic tear wound application. We are going to take some gel blood by Ben Nye and we are just going to fill this cavity that we have created. You want to get right up under there. Up inside this thing and you are going to try to create the illusion at depths. Until it looks deep and gooey. You want to get up underneath the latex and push it out so that it creates as three-dimensional effect.

    Now you have got the gel blood built up and when you build it up, as you can see I have kind of built -- I try to make it as three-dimensional as possible. I give it some texture, but now when you need to get rid of the sheen. You can still see the latex, even though it's transparent. So, earlier we color matched it and we have that liquid makeup here and we just going to apply that around the edges and hide it any traces of the latex.

    Truly important to f blend all this away. You don't want any sort of noticeable line, especially where the latex ends. I like to step back and look at these occasionally, because you can't really tell when you're right up on it, what's going on. Just continue this process until you can't see any latex.

    That's it for the basic tear wound and now we want to do the next step which is bruising.