Filling and Rolling Enchiladas

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to fill and roll enchiladas.

    Hi! I am April Gruszkowski, and I am showing you how to make Enchiladas. Now we are going to fills some Enchiladas from Chicken and Veggies. We are just going to take one of these Tortillas and sprinkle in a little bit of cheese. A cup of pieces of Chicken, and then a little bit of the cilantro and onion mix. Then roll it up, and then place it inside down in a baking dish.

    I am going to do the pretty much the same thing with the veggie Enchiladas except we are just not going to use the Chicken. I am going to put in one or two strips of Pepper, roll it up and then set in the dish in inside down. And you just wanna do this until the dish is filled. Usually it takes between 12 and 14 Enchiladas and once the pan is full, we'll make the sauce for the enchiladas.