Final Exam Study Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Education expert Ann Dolin discusses how students can prepare for final exams with simple study tips.

    Ann Dolin: The end of the semester can be incredibly stressful for students. Even students who have done well on tests all year long can feel overwhelmed when there is so much to study. Luckily there are some study strategies to make final season more manageable and to improve that report card.

    First, help your child to make a plan. If he or she allows you to do so, sit down and study together. Break the big task of studying into chunks. And be specific, encourage your child to record the page numbers of the chapters that need to be reviewed and then break down those study guides into increments so that a little bit can be done each day.

    If your child resists your overtures to help, ask two important questions; what do you have to do and when will you do it? Ask how he or she is planning to study. By opening up the dialog, you will help your child to start thinking ahead.

    Also consider encouraging your child to join a study group and if getting a small group together isn't possible, go online. Many students enjoy studying with classmates on video chats such as Skype.

    Finally, if your child has a lot of things to memorize, try quizlet.

    com for some customizable free flash cards and study aids. The more approaches the student takes, the more likely he or she is to remember the material on test day.