Final Shampoo and Wrapping Hair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hair stylist Anissa King demonstrates how to do a final shampoo and wrap on ethnic hair.

    Benisa King: Hi, I am Benisa king and we are back with coloring, highlighting, and conditioning of ethnic hair. We had her toner on for about 10 to 15 minutes. It is at the point of color where I prefer to be, and now we are going to shampoo her once and then we are going to wrap her for the final styling and so you can see the colors.

    And again, with the neutralizing shampoo bringing that colored pH back up to the norm, which is 5.

    5 in case you didn t know, to where the hair is at it is healthier state and then rinsing thoroughly. It is beautiful. A lot of people can t tell the color from, when it is wet, what the true color of the hair is, but to the professional eye, you should be able to tell whether that s the color that you are going for or not. With the styling on hair, what we are going to basically do is mold her hair down, it is already been cut into a style, we are going to mold it, let it dry and then curl it with marcel curler, so you can see the true color. When combing the hair, you want to be gentle. Remember that this hair has been double processed, so it is rather fragile right now. You don t want to yank it or pull on it too hard. Show me that beautiful color - using in some, sort of setting lotion or gel whatever you prefer to wrap or set the hair with. We will wrap around the head or just doing the molding and toning. Like I said we previously cut her hair into the style that we wanted and she will go under the dryer for about 25 to 30 minutes, let it curl, this way just a little bit of oil seem to break up the foam that is on her head, so it is not leaky also sealing some of the shine into the dry on drying. Sorry about the smoke, and she goes back under the dryer.