Finding an Antiques Appraiser

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Just came into possession of a great antique or collectible? This video provides tips on finding an appraiser to help you determine the value of your treasure. Learn how to asses an appraisers certification and fees, and understand why insurance companies sometimes need a written appraisal to insure your antiques and collectible reproductions.

    Palmer Pekarek: Hello! I am Palmer Pekarek from rubylane.

    com, and today we are talking about antiques and collectables and how to select an appraiser. An important step in determining the value of your collectable and antique often is selecting the right appraiser to help you determine its value. There are many things to consider and many steps to follow. I worked with the International Society of Appraisers in Chicago, Illinois, to come up with some tips for you. First, what qualifies somebody to be an appraiser? They are usually educated, certified by an appraisal association, and have an extensive background and experience in the items in which they are appraising. For instance, if you have a Rolex watch, you wouldn't want somebody who is an appraiser and enforce the memorabilia to appraise that.

    A couple of other things to remember when selecting an appraiser is, that they usually have a set fee. And most insurance companies, before they will insure an antique or collectable, require an appraisal, so make sure that they give you a written report.

    With these tips, I hope you are able to go out and find an appraiser to help you assess the value of your antiques and collectables.