Finding Homework Help For Foreign Languages

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Education expert Ann Dolin discusses how to find the best study resources for students learning a foreign language.

    Ann Adolin: Learning a foreign language opens up a lot of doors for students, but it can also be challenging. So, here are some tips for boosting those Spanish, French and even Latin grades.

    Don't shy away from online resources when it comes to foreign languages. Encourage your student to use free online resources either alone or with a study group. There're sites with translation dictionaries and audio files to show kids how to pronounce words. There're even flash card programs to help learn new vocabulary.

    Try dropping foreign words into regular conversation with your kids beyond that's just gracas or bonjour. When asking a one word question, try qu or pourquoi. Place extra emphasis on the words the student would usually use in English. Verbs like to have, to do and to be are the foundations of normal conversation and once a student becomes comfortable with these, it's much easier to integrate new vocabulary into the routine.

    And lastly, keep it simple in conversation. Encourage your child to talk around a subject using what he knows instead of freezing up when he can't remember a tough word. Let them use online dictionaries or a translation app when they're really stuck and if you yourself find the language difficult there're always tutoring options to look into.

    Try these strategies out. You really can't put a price on a life long love of languages.