Finding Inspiration for Low-Cost Home Artwork

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Interior decorator Sherry Tyra explains how to find inspiration for low-cost home artwork.

    Sherry Tyra: Hi! I am Sherry Tyra. Welcome to my monkeysee.

    com video. Today, we are talking about low-cost artwork. Right now, I would like to talk to you about finding your inspiration, finding the pieces that you want to frame.

    I like to think outside the box; I like to look in lots of different places for really unique pieces to frame. One of the great places I found is going to a bookstore and looking at their bargain book section. You could find great coffee table books for practically nothing. This big huge two inch book I found for $9 on a bargain table. This is a book on art. There is just tons of examples of different kinds of art in here, all different styles, impressionism, modern art, traditional art, all these make great pieces to frame. Craft paper, this is a great place to look for fun, kicky little prints.

    I have taken this here, this was a match to one of this type of paper and look what it looks like frame, it is great; it is wonderful; it is really fine. Gift bags, calendars are a great source of inspiration. You can find the larger calendars, get them after the holidays. They go on sale; they are practically nothing. You will find calendars with great paper, wonderful art paper or even calendars like this. This is an impressionist calendar; look at all these great pieces that you can frame. Greeting cards, lot of greeting cards are typical, standard sizes. This is the 5x7, it fits in a 5x7 frame or matting, perfect. So, if you just think outside the box and look around, this piece here was from this art book, the actual print itself was a little bit too small for the frame. So what I did was I put black craft paper behind it; put the prints on and then the matting and then the frame. Look at these gorgeous piece of art.

    Next, I will be showing you how to work with fabrics.